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Games like Tarped by a 3some (Uncensored/18+)

One unfortunate adventurer against many... 'playful' monster girls!
Visual Novel
The Reject Demon: Toko is the story of the only demon kicked out of hell, of love and the power of Rock n' Roll!
Visual Novel
A simple h-game where you interact with a girl who is at your mercy.
What will you do with your inheritance?
A comedic visual novel concerning the trials of a self-professed demon lord
Visual Novel
A DID-themed visual novel with interactive content and several high-quality CGs.
Visual Novel
Two sadists punish the girl
Adult visual novel featuring taboo themes
Visual Novel
Sex wrestling game with blackjack mechanics (Hentai)
18+ feels await you!
Visual Novel
Sprite-sex platformer with a dark theme
underwear clad scientist escapes from lab whilst trying not to give in to lust.
hentai swapping puzzle platformer
hentai stealth platformer, sexy scenes when you get spotted.
Your demons follow you wherever you go...
Visual Novel
a tease/JOI game