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Games like Connected Kit Yanked into the Faerie Court, Season One

a dynamic fiction ghost story
Interactive Fiction
a story about love, transformation, and found family
a Light Novel by Caelyn Sandel and Talen Lee
an interactive visual maze-poem
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A ghost story from the world of Night In The Woods.
a perilous quest for PARADISE
a kinetic diary entry, sort of
an homage to screensavers of yore
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Experience the glamorous life of a freelance game dev.
Message your friends, surf the web and choose your path through this brand new narrative.
Visual Novel
OR: The Office Cat Is The Hardest Worker In The Mailroom And I’m Starting To Wonder What Her Deal Is
You can stay here as long as you want. Nothing is expected of you. No one needs you. You are perfect as you are.
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an Interactive Fairy Tale
Interactive Fiction