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Games like Sprite Pack - Male Dark Hair

Tough guy with mood swings
Cool and silent type of girl.
The fashionable and stylish type.
Hot Flamboyant Flirt Sprite
High quality backgrounds for your games with a gorgeous natural theme.
A beauty with flowing white hair and a secret behind her smile.
Cute happy-go-lucky kind of girl
Free beats, breaks and random soundscapes for your games.
Awesome items for your game
Awesome items for your game
Pixel Playing Card Assets
Free 2D assets: animated hero, monster and tiles.
Ye olde medieval backgrounds
Over 120 HD backgrounds! Perfect for life/school romance and RPG, but can be used for any other genre.
This Medieval GUI​ package comes with more than 830+ unique GUI graphic elements!
A variety of styles and colours of egg graphics for your project!
Hand painted fantasy background for 2d game
10 nebula images for backgrounds.