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Games like Séance

Excited robots discovering their relationship to themselves and the post-Anthropocene
A technomythical mecha RPG inspired by Filipino Mythology
Young Monsters lost in a Human City
Memory & Loss in a crumbling utopia
A Cooperative Pentolan Card Game for 3-7 Players
The castle infects all. Its vassals run this city. Start your revolution.
Magical Princesses making messy choices.
A belonging outside belonging game of an isolated religious community
Early access to a midwestern fantasy adventure game.
Music is Magic. Revolution is Liberation.
a tabletop RPG about witches who are not a coven
A Forged in the Dark TTRPG of near future paramedics
A Belonging Outside Belonging game of magical guardians across the multiverse
a setting playbook for Unincorporated
A quick taste of the record-breaking TTRPG of traveling animal folk and their pastoral world.
A print-and-play, 18 card microgame of matchmaking and machine learning for 2-4 players