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Games like Kobold Template pack 1.0

15 pieces of lineart, with simplified coloring layers (and masking) included.
20 pieces of lineart.
Outdated dragon template, brought back by request.
3 gryphon templates, pre-masked with layered markings.
Werewolf lineart 4-pack with multi-layered markings for easy customization
4 whitetail and 4 caribou deer templates, optional tack and bells, alternative antler (or no antlers) options.
The third installment of base collections!
pig llama bunny rabbit sheep ram sheep lineart with pre-masked color and markings
3 simple fox templates. Pre-masked with layered markings for easy customization.
Tyrannosaur lineart with pre-masked color sections
The second installment of base collections!
The original Waitress Base!
An archive of work done for the Furoticon trading card game
At the end of everything, hold onto anything.