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Games like The Old Chapel of the Candle Lich

A hexcrawl fantasy setting for tabletop adventure games
You are a criminal bear with two stats: CRIMINAL and BEAR.
Pilot mechs in a sunless world, and bring a new dawn.
Build action packed, illuminated RPGs
A slice-of-life TTRPG about a family of misfits at a magical Bed & Breakfast. Coming to Indiegogo March 2022.
Monster hunting in a cursed city.
An adventure game for brave adventurers
an expansion and setting overlay
A systemfree science fantasy setting set in far future Brighton, UK
A System Reference Document for Lay On Hands
A free pamphlet teaching how to make RPG pamphlets
Faction Rules for DURF
A solo journaling TTRPG about (not) knowing who you are, sabotage, luck, and existential dread.
Hex crawl for DURF
Cyberpunk pamphlet rpg for one-shot sessions
A dungeon for analog adventure games
a DURF adventure
A sci-fi RPG of precarious spaces amid interstellar war.
A lightweight framework for OSRish play