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Games like cuckhouse

You have four girlfriends, spend the night with one of them.
Visual Novel
Return to Las Vegas with Amber and Marina in this new Highway Blossoms story!
Visual Novel
Sprites, tiles, rpg icons... mostly PixelArt
A How-To Zine about Tabletop RPG Design
donate blood for vampires! a visual novel.
Visual Novel
Move in with your partner. Go live on a abandoned morgue.
Visual Novel
plan a spa day for your trans friend.
Visual Novel
Free, easy to use and flexible level editor.
You have a crush on your best friend. She's a sickass demon hunter.
Visual Novel
A minimalist experience about unimaginable distances
Make a game! in 4 days! Or go crazy trying!
Visual Novel
what is the line between friendship and romance?
Visual Novel
A sample project with all those bells and whistles
A top-down retro racing game, done in a minimalist style.
Play in browser
A cute Halloween game about magic spells and dateable monsters! All Romance | LGBT+
Gay mail delivery vampire girl delivers mail to other gay monster girls!
Visual Novel