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A high-end code editor for GameMaker: Studio / GameMaker Studio 2
Unified API for mouselock on desktop and HTML5 for GameMaker.
Dynamically change window icons / taskbar badges!
Bit flag based instance filtering for GameMaker
Prevents GameMaker games from freezing while being dragged/resized.
Livecoding for GameMaker: Studio / GameMaker Studio 2
Check/disable/dispatch window commands in GameMaker
Dynamic scripting on Win/Mac/Linux.
Show progress bar in taskbar in GameMaker games
Fixing the draw_sprite_pos function with a shader and one script.
Write and run GML right in browser!
Run in browser
A simple and efficient finite state machine for your GameMaker Studio 2 objects.
Creating ropes, chains, bridges and other elastic attachable objects.
Creating textured terrains for physics games.
Creating custom save file with strong encryption for protecting from hack.
Fully customizable realistic dynamic water physics simulation.
Send and receive MIDI messages in Gamemaker Studio