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Games like Theophany

Experimental Colourful Exploration Machine
every house is haunted
a GMless rpg about parasitic worms, inspired by drowning pool's bodies
A magical action rogue-lite where every pixel is simulated.
64 pages of comics and illustrations inspired by DS9, brought to you by a stupidly powerful lineup of cartoonists!
Three short stories from the Superlunary universe
Analog Roleplaying Culture
Gay disaster mech pilots killing fascists, Season 2
Visual Novel
Unravel a real CIA conspiracy
The well back to your job has been absorbed inside a sasquatch sex amulet.
A Camping Story starring: Uncle Brad, Aunt Cloanne, Mord (and Ben)
A collection of tabletop RPGs written and illustrated by Jews about the ways we see our Judaism.
a small game about freedom
A slow, queer, post-war space opera
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Thank you for having sex with Carta Monir.
Beautiful pets for your TV, with generative ambient music
A tabletop world-building game about places over time