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Games like Muscle Wizard Gets the Job Done!

a medical rescue game of saving lives for one player
Furry freerunning fools. Young, stupid and invincible.
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Imagination!
A horror-themed dungeon-crawling card-based solo journaling ttrpg
Be a cat. Also a potat. Save the world. (ttrpg)
a single-player journaling game
An investigation game for 2 players.
Play as a Pokémon in a post-human world, exploring dungeons and abandoned structures in search of treasure.
A little “What’s So Cool...” game of market stalls, village intrigues, archery contests, and chatty NPCs
Power. Cost. Sacrifice.
a rat-sized roleplaying game (now with alt. layout version by Jenna Figgers!)
A dungeon for classic fantasy TTRPGs
a survival horror tabletop game about space exploration
Send them to their doom. Never stop growing.
A pastoral fantasy tabletop RPG about traveling animal-folk and the way they change with the seasons.
ride on, rhinestone cowboy
Any story, anywhere with this mint tin storytelling game
A solo rpg about speaking words into the past.
A Call of Cthulhu adventure module for 3-5 players
a baleful toolkit for MÖRK BORG.