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Games like RPG/Fantasy Game - Interface Sounds

100 High-Quality Forest Ambience Sounds
3.630 High-Quality Sound Effects
721 interior themed tiles (32x32 in size) for use in your project!
148 High-Quality Magic Sounds
100 high-quality sound effects for battle and wounds
116 High-Quality combat, sci-fi swords sound effects
142 High-Quality Combat Sounds
117 High-Quality cute magic sounds for videogame genres like jrpg, cartoon, anime, casual rpg, etc...
112 High-Quality destruction sounds
112 High-Quality Coins and Chest SFX
564 static tiles (32x32 in size) + animations for use in your project!
142 High-Quality Robot Sounds
110 High-Quality magic sounds of Air, Fire, Earth, Water and also Ice
214 high-quality sound effects for combats