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Shoot 'Em Up

Shoot 'Em Up or shmup games are a subset of shooter games where the player continually moves forward while waves of enemies enter the screen. Both shooting and dodging are critical to advancing. See also Bullet Hell.

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A pixel demake of my popular SpaceRage set :)
Assets for your 2D space shooter!
Simple & powerful engine for bullet hell / shmup games
Shoot Em Up starter pack
start your own shootergame
Frame by Frame Animations!
top down big robots
Lazer, projectile & glow library with over 300+ assets
Go to the stars with your retro pixel spaceships!
Hd modular structures for spaceshooters or sci-fi game with extra bonusmaterial
43 individual models, high contrast with glow, 2-10 frames per model, including .psd to costomize
One hero and three different zombie types in png and svg format
You can use constructor to create spaceship for game
Do you like space strategy games? Here's a good pack to pick!
Art for your prototype
All you need to start your first retro style shoot'em up! (Sprites + SFX + Music)