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Sheepolution published a game 8 minutes ago
A downloadable game for Windows and macOS.
Vladimir7491 published a game 9 minutes ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
Gavoyra is a 2D action-adventure platformer game. UPDATES Version 0.001 20.03.2019 BUGS & FEEDBACK Gavoyra is currently in development. Feel free to post any bugs, new ideas, or other feedback in the comments section or on Facebook and Vkon...
xuso74 published a game 12 minutes ago
A downloadable game.
En este divertido juego arcade solo tienes que esquivar los obstáculos y puntuar mas que nadie. Pero cuidado, cada vez que saltes desaparecerás. ¡Disfruta de uno de los Infinite Runner mas difíciles! ¡Tienes que ser el mejor! BlackFlat...
A downloadable game.
Play through 6 different levels, finding the hidden items within them. Look through the window of your device and immerse yourself in the pixelated world that awaits. Use the scan target with the app to make the world come alive. This is a...
Matrix published a game 16 minutes ago
A browser game made in HTML5.
A 2-D Cookie clicker. Key Features Relaxed game play for the casual gamer Save system Music and Sounds Controls All mouse only Social Email: Instagram: Twitter: https://twit...
Thebadgamer98 published a game 28 minutes ago
A downloadable game.
The inaugural issue of the RPG zine Silver Swords from Stronghold Press Games is now available! With articles from a dozen different authors offering advice on how to play and enjoy roleplaying games, this 40-page zine is packed with useful...
A downloadable game for Windows.
“A Way Home” Global Game Jam 2019 “Thomas wasn’t alone” modifier. Genre : 2D horizontal scrolling puzzle-platformer game, meant to be contemplative. Pitch : You have to solve puzzles to proceed. To do so, you have to let your daug...
Thebadgamer98 published a game 32 minutes ago
A downloadable game.
Prince Algot's personal armory is overrun by a monster unknown to all members of the court, and now he needs your help ridding him of it! Within the two short pages of this mini quest, you will find a new monster and four all-new magic item...
TITAN GAMES published a game 33 minutes ago
A downloadable game.
English: project platform is a game that the game mechanics change every few levels!! Project platform is the first game devoloped by titan games , a team formed by vmrrobotic (me), who makes the music and character designs and serra iglesi...
Nightling Bug published a LARP 33 minutes ago
A downloadable LARP.
Dragonroads is a massively multiplayer offline microRPG that anyone who has a car they ride or drive in can play. If you're the sort of person who names and personifies their vehicles, loves to train and battle pet monsters, or could use so...
A downloadable game.
This project is a prototype we made in a team of three students : one Game Designer, one Game Developer and one game Artist. I was the Game Designer. We had to create a prototype of a game that never ends and our group got to make somethin...
Kasztaniak published a game 37 minutes ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
xxldraco published a game 38 minutes ago
A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.
The world has become saturated with noise. Return to a time of peace. I'm new to using Bitsy software. When I realized that its limits were also its greatest strength, I took advantage of mostly the artistic portion of the game. I wanted to...
Kronbits published a project 40 minutes ago
A downloadable project for Windows.
Running Giveaway About The first giveaway will be up soon! Still preparing and trying to config all the stuff for a good experience :P . Be patient! After all the giveaways/contest i did on twitter with big response on the last ones, some p...
Raisin98 published a game 1 hour ago
A browser game made in HTML5.
It's a game about guy, who is tired of helping his friend. My first Bitsy game. Hope you enjoy it!
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