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Amberbaum rated A New Don

Amberbaum rated a game 239 days ago
A browser game made in HTML5.

This was really good!

Long enough, but not too long. The art feels a bit experimental and dreamy, with a mix of illustration that you either find in children books or modern illustration. The colour scheme is lovely. And I really like  Fia's and Andino's sprite. Andonio is really pretty.

When the opening sequence started I braced myself for getting flooded with "fairy tale or typical book narration like" exposition to set of the story. Other VNs do this too and it often tends to be incredible boring, relying on too much exposition or it doesn't say anything it all. But I was pleasantry surprised how sufficient the intro was to set up the framing and our main character. Once I saw the little piglet, we were allowed to name, I was sold. I named her Dalia. I don't remember any other VN were you can have a wild hog as a pet. It's often a dog or cat and they don't do much other then to "hog" up air time with useless filler fluff. Go mighty wild hog pet!

So whenever such a narration like sequence popped up it was really good and not frustrating to sit through just to absorb information. The writing is excellent and flows really well together. Normally having a young woman uprooted and turning her into a mafia-boss is so shoddily written and unbelievable. Mostly because we can't believe that this MC (otome games) can do the stuff a mafia boss has to do. They are all written as good little girls who may be a good shoot, so that the reader can insert themselves. Heavens sake if she actually kills someone and be it just for self-defence!

But Fia... Yeah, I totally believe her wanting to take up this new life and suffocating on the farm. I believe her when she screams to "root them out!" or watching the execution/interrogation. "It has to be done" brings it to the point and as a kid who grew up on a farm that slaughtered and processed it's own animals I can feel for this MC.

Most people think that we will bawl our eyes out when the cow is let out of the barn to put the bolt in their head. Funnily this much less cruel on the animal. The animal doesn't have to be uprooted from it's know place and is ushered into giant trucks to bring them to the mass slaughter house. They get really nervous and are frightened. The Bolt gets applied directly in front of their head. There is no pain because you die immediately. the animal has only walk at max 70 meters because the tine slaughter house is right next to the barn.

The soundtrack is superb. A mix between Jazz, Swing and Electro-Swing that doesn't sound like it was picked from different source randomly thrown together.
The UI fits the period of time the story takes place.

All in all this was a delightful read and I normally hate to read mafia visual novels /otome game, because they are so darn cheesy, unrealistic and the MC doesn't fit, as well as the other character who are mostly just a bunch of complete wack-jobs.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the mouth movements and the individual "speaking " bleeps is really nice when you don't have voice actors at your disposal. I saw it used in plenty of indie games, but it's nice to so it being used in a VN for once.