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xdc33 rated Blankspace

xdc33 rated a game 364 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows and Linux.

Superb combination of puzzles and a deep story! The progression of both, story and puzzles, seemed pretty much on point to me. It's also worth noting that the characters have been designed with a lot of love for detail in terms of looks and well... character c:

As stated in the description, the story covers some darker corners of human thinking and behavior, but does so without making them too heavy to bear at any time. The lovable character design definitely helps a lot and the topics are approached in a rather unsplattery mature kind of way. For those who feel they might be triggered by such topics, it might be better to skip this game though.

I for one liked both parts. The visual novel parts, where you get to know Beryl and Chris and see or guide their interactions with one another and the puzzle parts, which you have to figure out in an escape room like setting. The puzzles and the story are sometimes, but not always interwoven.

There are also a lot of optional things to do, which I personally liked a lot, because it kept exploring the room(s) interesting. Plus one particular scene that involved music, but I won't spoil anything here <3 It's really nice, that the game turned out as awesome, as the demo indicated.