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sonictimm rated Acceptance

sonictimm rated a game 181 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Art and music were FANTASTIC.
A few typos don't really detract from the experience for me.
The story was interesting, the message reinforced by the player choice seems to be that you can fight to live trans or you can OD, neither of which seem appealing.  I love it when games tap into emotion, but I don't think it tapped the targeted emotions in me.
An internet post to a stranger isn't the place to get into certain opinions, but I will say that playing this game did not make me more sympathetic toward trans people (who, to be clear, I do not hate and would never treat as they are treated in this game, no one should have to deal with that EVER).  It did reinforce my feminist attitudes, and I think that anyone who says they can't like, dress, or perform a certain way because of their sex is not giving themselves enough credit.
I didn't understand the modern emphasis on gender, and I still don't.
Overall, good work on this game.  I especially love how quickly I can advance thru text to try different options (since I didn't see a "load" button anywhere) and play each different story route.