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Trybox Interactive rated Card Fools

A downloadable game for Windows and macOS.

Overall, fun and entertaining but it has almost no replay-ability which is a shame, the concept is good and I like card games. 

Persistent data is a nice touch (ie - the ability to continue my game)

The idea is good but some things are lacking. The name got my attention and the description sold me on downloading it, but I was somewhat confused as to "what to do" mainly because none of the cards have any information.

For 4 stars, the cards need to have a "name" (what is it?) and maybe a short description. (hovering over the cards should show this info to me).

For 5 stars, you would need to change the entire system I think. I would like to have ways to defend myself (if they were in the game already.. I had no idea about them) When it's my turn to attack, simply placing cards on the field makes them vanish and the opponent's health is reduced.

When starting a battle, I would like to be able to see what cards are in each pack. Otherwise it's just random choice.

What is PDef and EDef? What is Def Cards trying to tell me? I have no clue.

I drew 3 cards, ended my turn, and had to "Discard until 1 card" ... why? I drew 3 cards (4 in total) ended my turn, and had to "Discard until 1 card". I'm guessing technical limitations due to the complexity of the mechanics.

Overall, the mechanics are sound, but there is a lot to improve on if you were to develop it as a standalone project (not for a game jam).

Mechanics are nice. The basics you expect (turns, card drawing, life points, energy etc) are there and it has functionality. But it was still confusing (and therefore kind of frustrating) figuring out how to play. I eventually was able to beat the Enemy multiple times and it was fairly entertaining. Losing a few times gave me more drive to try again and win.

Just shy of 4 stars. There's a few basics not included that would be required for a 4 star rating.