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Leaf Corcoran is the founder. He designed moonscript, the programming language is made with. And its web framework. And, like, everything else. Probably a robot. San Francisco, USA @moonscript

Amos Wenger is focused on developing the refinery tools and backend — from the command-line upload tools, to the desktop application, and everything in between. Lyon, France @fasterthanlime

Natasha Dawn Thomas takes care of payouts, keeps the evil spammers at bay, and shows boundless patience with customer tickets. Plays a mean guitar. Olympia WA, USA @tronmaximum

Lisa Morrison is our social media overlord. She keeps finding cool games to tweet about & feature on the front page somehow! Frog / lizard hybrid. Chicagoland, USA @ladyaijou

Spencer Hayes does business and writes for our blog. Show him your appreciation by commenting on his posts!
San Francisco, CA @SPNKr

Jesús Higueras has worked on titles such as The Stanley Parable and The Beginner’s Guide, and is now helping to develop various parts of the website and infrastructure. Cádiz, Spain @GranPC

Each of us is handling their share of customer support tickets & trying to answer questions on Twitter as much as we can. Thanks for your patience!