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Coming Of Age

A genre focused on the lives of teenagers and young adults during their (potentially metaphorical) journey into adulthood, where the characters typically overcome obstacles to learn lessons about being an adult as they figure out what's most important to them.

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A comedy autobio comic about a first visit to the gynecologist.
maybe the real witchcraft is the friends we make along the way
Pottery, the Big Bang, and the impossibility of perfection
Two young scavengers stumble upon a dance pole. 8-page fully coloured mini comic!
a comic about two friends eating macarons
a comic about a small nervous thing
Change can be a frightening thing...
Living alone in the woods, a girl and her Pup prepare for winter. And being teenage.
A Fantasy Comic About Community
The Anthology of Women Gamers
A queer fantasy comic about baking, talents, and childhood crushes.
6 page ink comic
Five hundred years ago, in what is today Ballyvaughan, Ireland....
What would you do on one last night with the love of your life?
Every friendship has to start somewhere.
Illustrator Final Project 2016