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numbergamer8's Collection

a collection by numbergamer8 · last updated 2016-10-23 18:42:56
tile mapping program Hexes and squares
draw a random card, and set the dimentions too
WW1 tetrus type wargame
2d hard core wargame
2d turnbased shootout
Sort of BattleShips in space , but very differrent
Space Battles 2d hard core wargame
2d zombie room escaper
Robot Programing, to exit a maze
2d turnbased wargame
2d hex and chit wargame
Heli sim , 2d turnbased and real time
chariot racing boardgame
car racer time waster casual auto
Pearl Harbor Tetrus
virtual tabletop
Roman Voting game
Stratego type gameplay, but so very differrent, roguelike wargame
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