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TTRPGs from Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality Selection

A collection of the TTRPGs, and TTRPG related items from the I've added notes/comments for what page they can be found on.

A solo cosmic horror RPG written for the Wretched & Alone game jam
Make your heart swoon on board the Love Balloon!
In this Wretched and Alone game, you find yourself trapped underground, in a bizarre tunnel system.
Corporate Survival Horror
A solo RPG about protecting, befriending and improving a community
A video chat strategy game
Echoes is a dice, tower and playing card journaling game designed to build a story around prompts for free writing.
a letterwriting collage game
A surreal OSR horror adventure.
Desire, codes, and micro-missions- Oh my!
A roleplaying game about community burnout and how to deal with it
Take on the role of brand new mahou and stop the evil Empress Grenadier in this four part adventure!
A game about turning old books into new poems
A zero prep Forged in the Dark song fiction RPG based on Bob Dylan's All Along the Watchtower.
A trash game for 2020
A zine about bringing the greasy beauty of street food to your urban rpg adventures.
Create bizarre houses. Engage in psychic combat.
I heard it had horns as along as your arm and teeth like daggers.
good game for playtimes
A ttrpg Zine about Pigeons. Wait, really? Yes! Get ready for their corny adventures in Dirty Town
Gods and their avatars telling the tales of the end of days.
a paranormal mercenary roleplaying game
A Story Game of Magic Lanterns, Political Revolution, and Pentagrams.
A quiet space-faring rpg zine about being alone & not quite being alone.
A one-page roleplaying game of fast, furious family.
A tabletop party game about a country run by demons. Playable at a private table or in front of an audience!
Ruby Radiance is an accessible, low-commitment, and easy to learn TTRPG
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