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Sarah Gould's Collection

a collection by Sarah Gould · last updated 2016-11-04 03:09:05
posted 2016-11-04T03:09:05 by Sarah Gould

Beautiful art, relaxing music, and deliciously short. Like an interactive EP.

posted 2016-10-11T04:28:05 by Sarah Gould

A satisfying puzzle game.

by tak
posted 2016-09-23T05:37:38 by Sarah Gould

This game is delightful - I get completely lost, but perhaps I'm just wandering.

posted 2016-09-20T03:01:44 by Sarah Gould

So lovely and calming. Wish it was available on iOS, too.

posted 2016-08-26T04:15:58 by Sarah Gould

Satisfying exploration and minimalist base-building, and a beautiful UI.

posted 2016-08-26T04:14:43 by Sarah Gould

It's nice to visit a diverse, friendly world with a robot exploring what it means to be sapient. It's kind of an uplifting Saturday morning cartoon version of Blade Runner.

posted 2016-08-26T04:11:05 by Sarah Gould

Calming, growing, dying, charming.

posted 2016-08-26T04:09:56 by Sarah Gould

This is the core of what I'd want from No Man's Sky. A contained exploration experience, with moments of true delight - I ate cosmic shrimp!

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posted 2016-08-26T04:07:49 by Sarah Gould

This is just adorable. Can't wait for more!