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a collection by SeraphCircle · last updated 2022-04-19 15:04:27
Inside a deep abyss, a child wanders aimlessly.
Role Playing
Strange modern-day RPG in a town taken over by eldritch entities. Can you rescue your niece and survive?
Role Playing
Insect-themed classic survival horror demo with pre-rendered backgrounds.
The second game in the Soma Spirits duology! We'll restore our world... together!
Role Playing
53 static pixel art battlers, featuring humans, monsters and classic jRPG enemies.
A script that modifies RPG Maker MV UI easily
For non-commercial use with RPG Maker MV and MZ ONLY. Replace the RTP with new pixel icons!
A 2D top-down based tileset pack for your RPG and Rogue-like game creation needs!