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Gay Scalies || Slit Extravaganza

Who would you be without your memories?
Visual Novel

Scalie-oriented VN with a focus on plot first.

A vacation turned murder mystery that goes deeper than just a serial bloodbath.
Visual Novel

In Password you play as Dave, a hyena, during his vacations with his friends in a large and imposing mansion. Soon their carefree days take a turn for the worse when unfortunate incidents start happening. Dave must solve this mystery to save his friends and himself.

Identity has a cast of dateable characters -- among them Orlando, a superstitious and cheerful dragon, and Sal, the quiet but endearing crocodile.

A mystery and romance tale spanning through many eras. Watch as this world's tragedies and secrets are unveiled.
Visual Novel

Nerus is a mystery and romance kinetic novel about two souls with intertwined fates, spanning multiple centuries in a variety of locations. There is mystery, intrigue and romance.

Shax is the point of view character for the prologue -- a shapeshifting bird/reptile mix, rumored to be a cute little thing. More scalies wait down the line!

A ground-up remake of the classic gay furry visual novel Morenatsu.
Visual Novel

Morenatsu is the primordial furry visual novel -- a promising but flawed game published more than a decade ago.

Morenatsu Homecoming is a remake which smoothes out many of the original's more questionable elements and adds new material -- including routes for characters which weren't developed.

Among the cast of nine dateable characters you will find Tatsuki, the sweet dragon carpenter.

An adult furry Rpg+VN game
Visual Novel

VN with RPG elements and a number of adult scenes.

You're always moving in circles...
Visual Novel

Echo is a mystery/horror visual novel. Your character is Chase, an otter, as he returns to his hometown of Echo to record a short documentary about a historic tragedy... but, most importantly, to reconnect with his childhood friends. Among them is Flynn, a confrontational lizard determined to learn more about a traumatic incident from their shared past.

Adult gay anthro short stories.
Visual Novel

Short stories with adult content.

A different kind of Visual Novel
Visual Novel
Extracurricular Activities is a furry visual novel where the player is trying to date members of his tennis team.
Visual Novel

Dating sim in a college setting. Lots of content.