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Member Zines

a tiny zine about helping people who eat differently
An 8-page zine of a few choice examples of hurtful shit people say to trans people
a tiny zine to help you learn about pronouns
a queer zine about finding my name
a zine about chicago transit authority stops
a mini zine about soothing, in-between spaces
a mini zine about making zines
One simple way to make your events more inclusive for transgender and nonbinary people.
A zine about helping your friends
Embodiment is weird.
More cursed handshakes
Cursed handshakes
easy things to cook for people who have low energy and are also hungry
a zine about growing up chinese-american and looking for your reflection in the world.
let's talk about how to be inclusive when asking for names on forms
a mini-zine about a nice honeymoon hiking trip.
A mini-zine guide to getting into reading and writing poetry
A few tips for making an inclusive environment for neurodiverse folks in the workplace.