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a collection by cathulhu · last updated 2018-05-14 01:12:17
A Paint .Net plugin for sprite animation
Procedural map generator
Run in browser
Complete wav editor, creator, sequencer. Based on the Fairlight CMI
Simple IK approach for custom ragdolls or skeleton animation.
A simple effect to draw fake-3D rooms, easy to import into your project!
Generates game ideas that might inspire you! Not random ones; doable ones.
A simple Tactics engine for GM:Studio
Path-based racing game engine.
A FPS engine with 3D collision checking and seamless room linking!
Generates complex dungeons built using room-cell 'blueprints'. Format: GameMaker Studio.
Buttons, windows, item slots - fully generic and extensible!
Simple and fast 3D collisions for GameMaker:Studio
Simple NPC/menu engine, easier to use than YaruMenuEngine but less powerful.
General-purpose platform engine with many features, easy to extend.