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Soleyu's Collection

a collection by Soleyu · last updated 2017-05-12 20:32:30
Views fake 3D sprites from pyxel edit
Pulls audio from your sound card, and saves it as a .mp3 or .wav
.PSD files and brushes
A general-purpose tool for writing stories, be it short fiction stories or even complete novels or books.
Drawing; Maps; Tool
a tool for creating professional seamlessly- tileable textures from photographs quickly and easily.
node-based conversation tool for games
A brainstorming tool that enables game developers to test their limits and discover great ideas.
Spherical terrain editor
Add procedurally generated content to your campaign
A toll for bulk changing colors.
Prevents dangerous Steam buildups by letting you move games between library locations.
A multi-purpose collection of interactive audiovisual landscapes tailored to audiovisualists.
The world's easiest bounding box tool
Sound effect generator