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Prototypes & Minigames

a collection by CakeNeq Games · last updated 2020-11-19 18:02:14

This is the collection of experiments and oddities. These games are either weird, cancelled prototypes, or weird cancelled prototypes.

Fighting SimpFuel with their own weapons

With forces pushing for more oil exploration in my home-area, this is probably not the right game to cancel. Unfortunately a few failed starts and a lot of mud led me to feeling it'd be better to cut the year I waffled away on it and move on to something different.

Untitled F3AR spiritual successor

A really fun little thing, with an interesting idea, but lineup changes left it on the cutting-room floor

Cancelled Prototype

I finally made it. Granted, the release version has virtualy nothing to do with this open-ended survival title, save for the dog-team, but I did finally make a game called BISC

an Incredibly personal thing. With Skeletons.
Play in browser

Really personal sort of stream of consciousness thing. Very personal, very non-gamey. 

Small application to cycle through websites.

A weird experiment in non-game software. This is a really simple app that leverages windows command prompt and your web browser to launch sites in order with a delay. Used in YKHC's Office of Environmental Health to monitor several remote temperature site pages.