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Adam_koda's Collection

a collection by Adam_koda · last updated 2019-04-01 00:25:36
Visual scripting tool for Unity3D
Easy way to display text over time.
Screenshake, lookat 2D, screenshot utility... All you need to save some time during a gamejam !
With SpriteTrail, it's easy to put a trail on any sprite you want.
Easy Parallax Maker via Shader
Demonstration of TweenToggle Plugin
Run in browser
Attract and repel particles to magnetic transforms in the Unity engine.
Run in browser
An in-development Twine to Unity interpreter
A three week project to create an inventory system.
Take an object-oriented approach to writing with Ink.
Annotate Unity Scenes and create 2D Assets
Classic JRPG text boxes for Unity3D
An editor extension to find script references within your project in seconds.
Unity VST Host is a Windows only VST2 host for Unity Engine. Currently does not support VSTi's.
A C# script manager for Unity. Manage Upload/Download/Edit of all your project scripts to a dedicated location!
Quickly add audio to your animation without having to write any script
Here's my workflow to speed up the import of new Tilemap using Rule Tile in Unity.
From 2D or 3D skeletal animated character to pixelart spritesheets in just a few seconds.
A plugin/library to render text in your games and applications with effects!
Quickly create hand crafted 2D/2.5D landscapes and levels!
Simple, lightweight sprite trails for Unity!