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Resbach's Collection (will provide more reviews)

a collection by Resbach · last updated 2019-07-24 11:05:11
Visual Novel
Added May 11, 2019 by Resbach
Visual Novel
Added Apr 12, 2019 by Resbach

Incredible besides the looks of the characters of course, what will be fixed.

There are two VN's which remind me of each other, but one is 'good' the other really evil. 

Morenatsu is obviously the good brother whilst Echo is truly horrific mutated brother. 

Morenatsu is definetly one of my favourite VN's. 

The story is well designed, the characters of Morenatsu Revisited are looking great. The backgrounds of Morenatsu Homecoming are a welcomed change and the music is awsome too.

I hope I am able to see more updates of this 'juwel', it was great so far!

Visual Novel
Added Apr 02, 2019 by Resbach

Definetly enjoyable

It definetly has potential to become a well thaught through VN and has some interesting characters in it.

The only thing that really bothers me a bit is the straight-forward-story. By this I mean the characters haven't got much time to get to know each other (propably only in case of coach's path).

Yeah anyway, as I said it has potential and is definetly enjoyable for most people.

I actually didn't hate it at all...

Added Apr 02, 2019 by Resbach

Very awsome, with oversexualised characters, but whatever.

I find the story pretty unusual, though it reminds me of WSSAP (Wolfstar Sins and Paradise) with it's own paradise in the afterlife.

I really like the character drawings in the *** scenes. Very well done indeed and that's what this VN will mostly be like I assume.

It is now rather small and the artwork isn't finished at all, but I got a good look at it anyway.

Well, I am definetly looking forward to more updates. 

Visual Novel
Added Mar 25, 2019 by Resbach

Best of in my eyes, I'm sure about it. (Well I know there are some other gems but this story is unforgettable). Ubelievable realistic story and ending so far (if you consider only one path I suppose). I am hoping to see updates in the future but it's already really long so maybe the story isn't going to be much longer sadly.

I finished this visuel novel in a few days. 

I am hoping to see more romance and maybe a more complex comic art style or a brighter variety of the looks of the characters (I don't really mind it though) but besides that... Simply love it, no doubt. <3

Very good investment 

(It doesn't need any other things to say about it)

Role Playing
Added Mar 25, 2019 by Resbach

What a complex, well designed story. I finished it and it was pretty mind blowing. The creativity is here beyond control. 

This VN is the second favourite on my list by now.

I really liked pretty much everything about it. There's nothing to complain about. More romance wouldn't be a bad thing though. ;)

It got such a good design. Even the backgrounds aren't blurry. 

The music is really nice. The artstyle is phenomenal. The story is, I like to repeat myself here, complex and not boring a single time. The characters aren't boring at all and interact in a good way.

 I hope we are going to see more updates later on. 

Very good investment

Added Mar 29, 2019 by Resbach

Pretty great so far as I have played, day 18. 

The characters are all very different, what I like.

The art work is also enjoyable but could vary more. (Though I know it's not finished)

There are some really nice soundtracks which fit the gameplay very good. I especially like the relaxing one which plays when you're at home, the piano track.

Solid unfinished build I like it alot :)

I have to say one more thing, the MC has to say much more *different* phrases. It's the only thing that really botheres me. Well, I don't really like the look of the MC either but that's not a big deal. A change is appreciated though...

Visual Novel
Added Mar 25, 2019 by Resbach

I wasn't expecting that they are going to be best friends so fast (Gear). 

So, this game is very well accomplished. Besides Tennis Ace, Morenatsu, Extracurricular Activities and Wolfstar Sins and Paradise (and Adastra propably once I've finished it) it is so far my favourite game. I know there are more VNs and I haven't played through alot alot but it is clear that this game is really good so far in terms of the story and overall.

The character designs are very oversexualised but I don't mind it. The backgrounds are pretty much simply but nice looking nonetheless and they aren't what I came for. 

Sometimes the game crashes on Android but it's not that of a big deal.

The fighting scenes are good but maybe they will change again too. I like them. They are fresh and not that normal in this genre and VN's at all, I suppose.

Visual Novel
Added Mar 25, 2019 by Resbach

Very nice art style. The story is pretty interesting and I like the different characters. I will write more once I've finished it.

Since I wrote another text on the main site I won't write more here. One thing only, this game surprised me alot in a good way.

Visual Novel
Added Mar 25, 2019 by Resbach

So, yeah, it is quite an adorable little game.

I don't mind the simple looks of the characters. The backgrounds are okay too. The story on the other hand is very interesting even though there isn't much of it there yet. 

The only big thing that crosses my mind when I read it are the errors in the dialogues/monologues. There are a ton and I know it was translated from Russian into English, but it still sucks to see it (and I am not even a native english human either...).

In the end I was able to enjoy it. Although don't stop to improve this game. It has great potential, not gonna lie!

Visual Novel
Added Mar 25, 2019 by Resbach

I finished it and I am sorry to say that I didn't like it at all really. 

There is a story of course but it is so boring and things hardly change from day to day (or how you say...). 

You really did a great job with the characters and the artstyle is really good too. The details are nice but the story ruins everything for me. I liked the backgrounds though too.

I played it through one time and I unlocked the 'sexy mode' but even though that it was unlocked nothing really seemed to have changed. Then I played it through a second time and couldn't date Adam at all. 

It was truly disappointing and I try to be fair but it's hard...

I mean I played through a couple very very good VN's but I can't compare these with this one because it is much worse. Not worse... It's just bad... 

Even Echo with it's truly horrific, but incredible well written story is better.

Again, sorry!

Visual Novel
Added Mar 25, 2019 by Resbach

Not much to say about it yet but it looks cool. You are definetly on the right way with it. Interesting story and design. Nice so far.