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Must-Play Games

a collection by SteveWrites · last updated 2019-08-25 18:06:22
Added Aug 25, 2019 by SteveWrites

A rougelike/dice/randomness management game that's challenging, smart, AND cute.

Added Jul 24, 2019 by SteveWrites

A wonderfully precise retro space adventure that mixes "Oregon Trail in Space" with FPS missions, CYOA events, and more.  Must-buy for people that love space survival, retro, and a challenge!

Role Playing
Added Jun 14, 2019 by SteveWrites

Wild, chaotic, imaginative, interactive, this is an endlessly playable Rouglike stealth/combat/mission game that always has surprise

Added May 04, 2019 by SteveWrites

A wonderful doom engine FPS fused with an RPG/JRPG.  Multiple characters, open world, many upgrades and secrets, and a lot of fun in an old-school vibe!

Interactive Fiction
Added Apr 12, 2019 by SteveWrites
Added Mar 02, 2019 by SteveWrites

A smart, disturbing, clever horror platform puzzler.  Be ready to be disturbed.