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Game Jam Creations

a collection by SmashArtist · last updated 2020-04-27 04:09:13

Want to know why I made these? Read the blurbs to know more. :P

Role Playing
Added Apr 27, 2020 by SmashArtist

A short game I created for the No Travel game jam from RMWeb.
It's about finding your buddy Carl while avoid threats, like Zombunnies.
I had a lot of fun making it and hope that people enjoy it!

Role Playing
Added Feb 02, 2019 by SmashArtist

Hoping to get motivation to get creative and ambitious as well as get good feedback for improvement, I joined the Indie Game Maker Contest 2018 and created Rhuneworld.

After complications in development the project was put on hold.

Added Jan 29, 2019 by SmashArtist

Testing out my limited and fairly new knowledge about Gamemaker: Studio 2 and its coding, I attempted making a short game in two days for the Mini Jam 9 -Back To School-!

(I may have forgotten to add sound tho...)