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Possible assets

a collection by OhDamnItsJam · last updated 2019-01-23 02:36:57
12 Free Voxel Art Coins, Chests and Keys
Four low poly flintlock weapons for all your pirate needs!
A collection of 'minimalist' low poly assets for creating a Nordic tavern!
Free! Six low poly, stylized tree models in .fbx and .blend formats
Low-poly 3D models designed for modular assembly in AssetForge.
Some Stylised assets in a low poly style, perfect for mobile development and stylised projects
Contains 4 low poly models as .dae mesh files

not fbx

Low-poly modular village models that can be assembled like blocks
A free asset pack containing trees, bushes, grass and tree stumps!
Plants & Pots - Unity + Blender Source Files!
A collection of 13 hand painted textures
Free asset pack containing 27 low poly rocks!
20 free low poly rocks for your game.
Various crates, barrels and chests for all your low poly storage needs!
free low poly forest pack, 42 total low poly model, custom textures.