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As Played On "Sylver's Itchin' for Indies"

Check out the experiences I went through on Sylver's Itchin' for Indies - a monthly livestream dedicated to the independent games on! | []


An outright attack on the senses, a bullet heaven (that sometimes feels like hell), but it feels oh so good!


A short game, but it is definitely something I can see myself playing on a phone when I need to kill time.

Role Playing

An absolutely beautiful game - looks inviting, the characters are charming, the humor is spot-on, and the RPG mechanics work very well. Can't wait for the full game!


A fast-paced assault on the senses as you climb higher and higher, slashing up more and more enemies along the way. Music is awesome.

Card Game

A dark, moody game of cards that really does ask you to make sacrifices. Would love for this to be expanded into a full experience.

Role Playing

Indeed a cynical tale, but one that's brimming with personality and humor.

It was indeed spooky. I also found myself perpetually lost, and was thoroughly creeped out by the spiders. Poor mouse.


Played for a short while on stream. Didn't get too far (game crashed, sadly), but I liked the idea of playing around with the environment.


Absolutely loved the VHS aesthetic, weapons felt quite powerful, procedural generation kept the game fresh, and it was a very fun playthrough!”

Play in browser

Well, that was hard as nails. I did manage to beat it, but it was a tough one! Darn hitboxes! (*shakes fist*)


It's sad that this prototype won't be developed further, but I enjoyed hopping around the area looking for do$h, and playing around with the controls.


It's a very systems-heavy game, though I admittedly got very lost in making things worth smoothly. I feel like I'd need to spend more time with it personally.


A Metroidvania with plenty of potential. The story beats are there, though not enough to hook me as yet - but I love how fluid the movement is, and the atmosphere is very well done.


Such a cute game. Stuffing my face while trying to hold a conversation is tough, and I only got caught once in the second outing. Also, I really love the graphical style!