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4301 Level Design Project

For your final project of the semester, you will be using the Unity game engine to design a level for a platformer that follows 4-Step Level Design. The goal is to use the design of the level to teach the player what they should be doing and how. You will begin with the sample project provided by Brackeys that includes player movement controls and a virtual camera. Make sure to check out his tutorial videos—they're great!

All projects must use tiles and sprites to create a cohesive visual space. 

“C level projects will accomplish all of this using the built-in jumping mechanics and non-functioning obstacles that serve as placeholders.  (Think about this Game Maker's Toolkit video on jumps in Super Mario World)

B level projects will accomplish all of this while also using incorporating non-functioning obstacles and moving platforms.

A level projects will accomplish all of the above while also including functioning enemies or obstacles that can harm the player and cause them to restart the level.

To turn in your final project you will need to do three things:

  1. upload a .exe (and the data folder) AND/OR a Mac .app to 
  2. on your itch page, you need to detail your use of the 4-step process while also giving credit to Brackeys and the artist whose sprites you used for the game art
  3. record a video playthrough using and upload it to the assignment folder on Blackboard

These are all due by the end of the day on Wednesday December 12th (the last day of finals).

Platformer Primer image from Scott Rogers

Help Lil' Squish make his way through the jumps!
Discover the forgotten temple and meet your destiny
Play in browser
Credit to Brackeys
Fox is lost and needs help finding his way home. Navigate through obstacles to help him get there.
Winter Climber class project game stuf
Play in browser
Play in browser