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a collection by pigeonsquid · last updated 2020-05-26 22:31:09
There's pirates, action and love
A lighthouse keeper looks for love
​A story about space and isolation and a really hot alien that looks like you
Fancomic of Seimei x Kyonshi Ani from Onmyoji. Full colored.
a creature mulls over immortality in the wastes
A girl finds something strange in the woods behind her house.
A short comic reinventing Dracula, originally published in the VERTOSCOPE anthology.
A vent zine about transphobic parents
A collage zine about queer isolation
An 8-page zine of a few choice examples of hurtful shit people say to trans people
A mini journal comic about body image in which I take my shorts off. (NSFW)
A comic about love, monsters, and cultural anxieties.
Surly Blaine gets a job in the service industry
A Prototype for a Prologue. Aliens and Space and Affection. oh my.
Pre-reboot pages of the first chapter of Heat
A queer fantasy comic about baking, talents, and childhood crushes.
one bittersweet horror comic about job-hunting
A gay fairytale romance.
A 60 page PDF featuring two single-chapter comics, as well as lots of character art
sketches and paintings
A short comic about a frog prince.
A zine about ghosts!
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