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#screensaverjam favorites

a collection by madve2 · last updated 2016-09-19 23:43:03
Screensaver inspired from our game Palimpseste
Screensaver-ish scene for #ScreenSaverJam. Can you see the whale?
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Pixel Art Screen Saver featuring Bunny and Beast
a concrete flight
Pipes inspired screensaver for ScreenSaverJam
Created for #screensaverjam
Opposite his chair was a stereovision tank disguised as an aquarium; he switched it on, guppies and tetras gave way to t
Watch a marine worm swim around your screen. Based on real-life marine annelid worms of the genus "Tomopteris."
Hide under the bed! A vignette for #screensaverjam 2016
A pixel commute visualiser (also known as a screensaver)
An abstract planetary screensaver
Windows screensaver for #screensaverjam
10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10
#screensaverjam interactive 3D pipes inspired submission
AudioWorm is an audio-visual experience using HTML5 Web Audio
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fun emoji screensaver
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reinforcement learning agents playing snake on a large canvas
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vapor webgl demo for screensaver jam
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Proper Remake of 3d maze from windows 95
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an entry for #screensaverjam
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random star constellations screensaver
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Procedurally generated action screensaver
A zen screensaver about a Robot Pilgrim.
A screensaver based on an old prototype I had kicking about.
Screensaver for Windows highly inspired by Sony's XWave background for PS3.
5 calm and colorful screensavers, made for screensaver jam.
Experimental #ScreensaverJam
real time rendering of wonderful scenes
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