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a collection by neenah · last updated 2017-05-12 20:32:23
posted 2016-01-27T11:32:52 by neenah

Way creepy! Good stuff, though.

Played: January 27, 2016

posted 2016-01-25T14:18:55 by neenah

Well, that was creepy.

Played: January 25, 2016

posted 2016-01-25T10:22:33 by neenah

The premise of this whole thing was really interesting. I also loved how all the characters were unique and very much unlike other characters normally seen.

The main character reminded me a lot of Maya Fey too. Except.. a lot less happy. I still loved her nonetheless.

Routes: Emilio, Giovanni, Alexei
Played: January 25, 2015

posted 2016-01-24T17:42:35 by neenah

Beautiful art, good story. I may have teared up after seeing the True Ending.

Played: January 24, 2016

posted 2016-01-24T17:42:09 by neenah

Not gonna lie, I got creeped out just a bit.

Played: January 24, 2016

posted 2016-01-24T17:41:56 by neenah

This reminded me a lot of Undertale with that twist. I liked the premise of this one a lot and it was nice being able to go for a guy or a girl for a romantic ending.

Played: January 24, 2016

posted 2016-01-24T17:40:27 by neenah

Played: January 23, 2016

posted 2016-01-24T17:39:00 by neenah

Played: January 18, 2016

posted 2016-01-24T17:35:53 by neenah

I remember playing this years ago and I'm glad I got reintroduced to it again recently.

(Re-)Played: January 12, 2016