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Töötätä Playable Collection

a collection by HeskHwis · last updated 2019-01-22 15:01:11

On Twitter as @TootataCollect == Curating and Collecting nice short games == Hey, games are interesting don’t you think?

A short love story told between two files on your desktop.
Interactive Fiction

Help a shy file express their feelings to a cute file.

The main thing you do in ADLS, sending letters & drawings from one file to another, is the cutest thing & is paired with lovely & funny writing.

A musical adventure game where you use singing to save the world!

Go on a musical quest to save the world.

The playful singing mechanic of Wandersong, combined with its heartwarming story, will leave you with stars in the eyes and the ears.

fading away simulator
Play in browser

Haunt the house and its few inhabitants.

This bite-sized experience is suprisingly melancholic for a game with such lovely felt pen-drawn trees and dog.


Deliver letters to everybody.

Your letter-tossing task in MORNING POST is merely an excuse to visit a small house packed with smiling characters and objects, funny situations and colourful drawings.

Have a cold beer with an old friend under the warm Texas stars.

Follow two characters talking and look at the stars.

These vignettes could be scenes in a Lynch movie. Nothing's explained, but you follow the characters' conversation and worries as if they were people you kind of knew.

A branching folktale adventure.
Visual Novel

Follow the expeditions of three sailors.

Burly Men at Sea feels like the picturebooks you'd read over and over as a child; but each time you open it, it's a new adventure.

A hilarious adventure game from the creators of Machinarium.

Help Chuchel get his cherry and solve some puzzles.

Every moment is playful in CHUCHEL, so the goal isn't just to find the "right thing" to do: it's equally rewarding (and funny) to do all the wrong things.

A hand-drawn, web-based interactive illustration about a scenic tramway, windswept mountains and cats with places to be.
Play in browser

Drive your trolley through villages and landscapes.

Short Trip is a hand-drawn panorama you cross while picking up cat passengers. The world feels alive as vistas and inhabitants pass before your eyes.

Play in browser

Collect things as you wander in the neighborhood.

This charming little space captures the excitement of finding things on the ground (junk, acorns, coins) during a walk, and keeping them for no good reason.

A musical island exploration by Ed Key and David Kanaga

Explore a generated island during a year.

Wandering games can be like tourism, but the islands of Proteus, as you visit them during the 4 seasons, end up feeling like places you know intimately.

Conjure castles from the sand, watch the sea consume them.​

Watch sandcastles disappear under the waves.

The brief life (10 seconds) of the castles, combined with how easy it is to rebuild them and the nice sounds, make for a relaxing short break.

explore a casino from memory made by aliens. 100% pun free

Visit the faithful(?) recreation of a human casino made by aliens.

Alien Caseno has a diorama quality to it: watch and explore an animated model of a casino, packed with jokes on human culture and habits.

Tactile puzzle boxes

Fiddle around in colourful giants' heads.

GNOG looks like a plastic box full of small figures. It is full of details and micro-actions that don't do much except making a weird sound or a pleasant sparkle.