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Other Games I worked on

a collection by Marionette · last updated 2019-04-06 00:16:35
This paranoid fever dream of a story explores the direct consequences of a person's choice of daydreams.
Visual Novel

Worked as teams programmer for Nanoreno2019

A Christmas themed English Otome Game
Visual Novel
A free fantasy visual novel about magic, monsters, and more--download now!
Visual Novel
A gothic romance tale about revenge & the different faces of love. VNs Now 2015 EVN Game of the Year.
Visual Novel
A fairytale/puzzle VN in a dreamworld Time forgot - Monster Jam 2017 First Place
Everyone's a fool in love, but the heroine is here to help!
Cute convenience store dating sim.
Visual Novel
Mike's having a bad night. Both of them. So who is telling the truth?
Visual Novel