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a collection by Linden Reid · last updated 2018-12-26 21:15:46
Sober up with an uncomfortable conversation and a cigarette.
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a fictional second-person surreal coming-out-of-age dramedy
  • Meaningful without being too heavy-handed, yet still unapologetically queer
  • Introspective and personal af
  • The whole portal thing going on with the words looks super cool and is a great mechanics as metaphor type of thing
A game about a trans girl discovering herself through fandom, chats, and the early internet.
Visual Novel
  • If Nina Freeman made queer games
  • And also was a teenager in 1999
  • Full desktop functionality which is cool as heck
  • Dialogue feels genuine
  • ~aesthetic~
messy gender uncertainty
Visual Novel
  • Looks at the scarier side of genderfeels which is cool
  • ~~~aesthetic~~~
Visual Novel
  • Brings in multiple perspectives about genderfeels
  • PUNK
  • Lets players make out with monsters
  • Surreal, which seems to be a fitting setting for queer games
Some shapes cannot fit the mold ! Help us to make them fit.
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  • Very cool mechanic exploration
  • Probably speaks to queer and not-queer people also, as many people aren't interested in fitting in with gender stereotypes
  • Mechanics!! As!!! Metaphor!!!