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a collection by luciel · last updated 2018-08-10 22:44:12
can too much self care be bad for you?
​A love story made in 23 hours about a flirty mail carrier, a cold goddess, and theater
A series of vignettes about someone who's done everything there is to do.
A comic I did a long time ago for Ask Kogasa, now downloadable!
Super fluffy, super sexy, mlm comic. (COMPLETED)
fish???? human??? they're real!! merfolk !!
A free, fan-made Magician's Quest coloring book.
a splatoon comic about how marina and pearl meet each other
A zine of Pokemon-inspired fashion!
Notebook pages from a recent trip to Berlin
a zine made for the self care jam
a short comic about love and werewolves
A conversation between two lovers about the past.
anthology of messy feelings
the beginning of a friendvernturer's journey!
A 52 page zine centered around the pokemon tabletop campaign I ran for my players!
Comic Making Hints!
A short tale about survival in a robot-controlled wasteland
a collection of different holy entities and ethereal beings
A small story about science~
#inktober2015: 31 drawings based on videogames.
collection of illustrations by knit and ivy hollivana
Download of " Freddy + Liese " ( 025GERU'S and Physalisfuchs's discontinued Webcomic )
Artifacts, flowers, and reflections on legacy
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