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a collection by LoveCrafty · last updated 2017-12-09 15:58:00
A small mall built in 20XX in honor of the muse Clio.​
Escape from the labyrinths!
A short combat platformer for the Greek Mytholo Jam
Pull the sun across the sky and try not to run out of energy
A game for Greek MytholoJam 2017,this game is inspired of the legend of Eurymedon child of Ouranos.
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Top down hack n slash with sword, spear and shield
Print and Play board game about worshipping gods and fighting invaders.
A very short little platformer game made for the Greek Mytholojam.
A beat´em up game about the story of young Zeus made for the greek MytholoJam
interactive intimacy about being digital and in love
Interactive Fiction
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Wrestle in the most realistic way possible
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Lion-bodied human eater simulator
Role Playing
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Further testing confirms happiness may be found in slavery, 9/10 players agree.