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Games I have Worked On!

a collection by rhruocco · last updated 2022-09-07 22:51:55
Added May 14, 2022 by rhruocco

My Capstone Project for my game design major. Winner of Best Video Game in the gamebIITes 2022 college game competition, and featured in the Columbia College Chicago Hokins Honors Art Gallery!

Added May 17, 2022 by rhruocco

My big contribution was aiding in gameplay design and creating the procedural city generation system that creates a new level every time the game is played, as well as designing some of the quadrants that make up the level as a whole.

Role Playing
Added Sep 07, 2022 by rhruocco

Worked as a game designer/programmer my junior year. I assisted in helping with designing the core gameplay and developing the game's controls and gameplay systems programming.