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a collection by Schkitaska · last updated 2018-02-01 19:19:43
Inspired by Nes and MSX era, this cute game it's mainly based on the game "City Connection".
Cute witch shoot 'em up
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A short, simple, and sweet shoot 'em up with charming visuals.

Follow Bee, Beetle, and Moth as they uncover the secrets of the Land of Bugaria!
Role Playing

Paper Mario but with insects

The deeper you travel the darker it gets, and you only have your arrows to light the way.

Action-platformer with roguelike elements and a shop system with permanent upgrades.

Platform Fighter + Beat 'em Up

Super Smash Sister

A procedurally generated sci-fi platformer created in Pico-8
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Procedurally-generated platformer featuring many playable races and ten planets of pure heartache!