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In development

a collection by apexsprinter · last updated 2018-04-25 16:13:54
Police the internet of the future. Base game is $12. Deluxe edition includes OST, Beta, Editors, and more for $30.
Fast paced 2D action platformer
Nonlinear dungeon crawler full of puzzles & challenges.Inspired by old Zelda games, Pixel Art GameBoy Color Aesthetics
There are no chosen ones.
Role Playing
Turn-based tactical RPG focused on storytelling and character customization.
Skeleton goes exploring, headbutts lizard
A 4th wall breaking RPG that makes its characters and the world surrounding them aware of you - the player.
Role Playing
A Brutal Roguelike Platformer
In a world of Monsters, Magic and Mystery, you are the Faulty Apprentice.
Visual Novel
A brutally challenging dark fantasy tactical RPG with innovative turn based mechanics.
Role Playing