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darkwolf08's Collection

a collection by darkwolf08 · last updated 2018-08-09 00:44:05
An urban fantasy visual novel
Visual Novel
A novel-length "bat-romance" Twine.
Date the famous clerk from Toontown Central!
Visual Novel
A Yuri adult visual novel taken place in Hawaii....oh and theres Satan.
Visual Novel
Harvesting souls to collect lewds!
A furry hunting game that's all about finding rare species on remote islands and taking them on a sexploration trips.
your job is to hunt a dragon, but she is so cute?!
Visual Novel
an interactive, furry, adult novel
Visual Novel
Adventure of a quick-witted hero. Wars, battles, fighting robots and love!
Visual Novel
A little teaser visual novel where you take care of a catgirl for a day!
Visual Novel
Kate goes to her school counselor to try therapeutic hypnosis to learn how to make friends again.
A pure exploration game set in a strange, quiet world.
A Metal Gear Furry Sketchbook (2016-17)
Enter a world very much like our own, in the sense that there are bats in it.
A romantic visual novel about a queer kinky monstergirl commune
Visual Novel
A corporate werewolf vn with wlw monster girls. And student loans.
Visual Novel
a very light halloween-themed romance story
Visual Novel
It has been raining ceaselessly for 7 days...
Visual Novel
Mermaids! Passions! 23 endings!! Help CiCi follow her dreams~
Visual Novel
Your name is Tomai, and you're kind of a big deal.
Visual Novel
An M/M dating sim about kissing werewolves.
Visual Novel
A short, adult comic about spooky, sexy ghosts.
Already guy's back to College Life
Visual Novel
Escape Eternal Punishment
Size Difference Pack
A snack-sized pack dedicated to best dragon (and friends ;3).