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Games Developed For Game Jams

a collection by DancingEngie · last updated 2017-12-28 14:19:59

Games I developed for game jams. They're all pretty buggy but still kinda interesting i guess

Health is Ammo. Blood for Peace. Kill to Survive.

Created for Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2017. One of my most robust Game Jam games. The concept isn't all that original, but the "frantic old-school shooter" execution is actually quite fun.

(GGJ17) A stealth-action game where being polite makes people explode

Created for Global Game Jam 2017. A silly and incredibly buggy game developed without a team (or idea of what the hell I was doing) that was somehow covered by Markiplier.

Short documentary-style video game about an alien invasion

Created for Adventure Jam 2016. My first stab at creating a narrative-heavy game. It didn't quite work and I'm a bit ashamed of the plot. The game mechanics did lay the groundwork for Ultra ADHD though. Also it's weirdly nationalistic by the end which was unintentional please don't kill me

Font-Inspired Western Standoff Minigame

Created as part of a self-imposed, 48-hour jam. A minimalist standoff mini game that's actually kinda tense.

A Chatroom Thriller
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser

Created for Bite-Sized Horror Jam 2015. Interactive Fiction set in an faux-IRC chatroom, and also a shameless ripoff of annie96 is typing.

Blend In. Find Target. Terminate. Repeat.

Created for 7DFPS Jam 2014. One of my first game jam games ever. Gameplay is very buggy and random, but I still like the concept. It's also a satire/commentary against the Biometric Database Law in Israel, kinda.