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A Whole Lotta LGBT

Yuri visual novel about Victorian maids.
A Victorian fantasy lesbian romance, set in a boarding school for women who are not quite as human as they once were.
A man and his lover are hanged for witchcraft, but their magic lives on to avenge them.
A short fantasy game demo

i actually cant remember if this is lgbt but apparenlty i bookmarked it as such so 

The silliest Noir Paranormal Romance you will ever read
help a merman lure sailors to their doom
A short game about a high school crush
You sold your firstborn to a witch. Now she helps you find a mate.
Play in browser
A mermaid princess must choose her bride.
Flowers... and fate?????????????????
Help Pumpkin and her lovely girlfriend Spice defeat the evil Candy Cane!
Turned into a ghost, your only way to break the curse is true love's monstrous kiss
A comedic Visual Novel about a very magical divorce bureau and the random couples who visit! Made during NaNoRenO 2017
minimal 2d adventure about gay plants.
A new diverse all LGBT dating game! Play through six different campaigns!
Date just about anything!
Sam and Nicole is an educational dating sim about two girls in love.
An LGBT fairy tale in visual novel form
a visual novel about a candy alchemist who one day finds a candy golem in her basement workshop
a short love story about time and space
the world is getting eaten up... will you survive?
a very light halloween-themed romance story

this is super cute !! 

solving crimes... of passion!
A corporate werewolf vn with wlw monster girls. And student loans.
Enrolled in a super-exclusive school full of beauties, take advantage of your luck ♥
a bite-sized dark fantasy yuri vn
A metafictional VN about gay nuns in an abandoned church.
A visual novel about figuring out life with the help of an AI
a short kinetic novel about two girls who go on a cave expedition searching for ghosts
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