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My First Game Jam 2017

a collection by Team Gormless · last updated 2017-08-15 15:39:19
posted 2017-08-15T15:39:19 by Team Gormless

A honest attempt at a deep game. Though it doesn't quite hit that mark, the attempt is so good there's a charm to it all.

posted 2017-08-15T15:21:57 by Team Gormless

Very atmospheric walk around a harsh but welcoming alien crater. There's a great level of skill in this, and should be checked back on.

posted 2017-08-15T14:49:27 by Team Gormless

Very amusing little jumping collecting game, with a relatable gamedev backdrop. Interesting twists and nicely dressed. Great little game.

posted 2017-08-15T14:33:52 by Team Gormless

Snarkly written text-through of office life. Would of liked more 'game' to it, but as it stands it's still entertaining.

posted 2017-08-15T14:18:12 by Team Gormless

A very unique idea.  Absentminded walking and talking. However, either the questions/answers are too long or the timer is too short, as it proves to be too challenging. Player's reading speeds should be taken more into account. It's a solid idea though, and could be taken forward

posted 2017-08-05T16:29:36 by Team Gormless

Soothing little walk around for procrastinators.

posted 2017-08-05T16:18:01 by Team Gormless

A moody few minutes sit-down with a character. Surprisingly well written with complimentary art to boot.

posted 2017-08-05T16:13:02 by Team Gormless

Very polished, very engaging little golf game with a lot of character

posted 2017-08-05T16:00:57 by Team Gormless

Game & Watch style nut 'em up. Great first game jam game.

posted 2017-08-04T20:42:19 by Team Gormless

Interesting idea, text adventure rap battle under pressure. Tech demo atm.

posted 2017-08-04T13:28:31 by Team Gormless

Very effective jam game with an interesting idea. A tiny bit rough from a userability perspective, but that's easily fixable.

posted 2017-08-04T12:47:53 by Team Gormless
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posted 2017-08-02T14:41:34 by Team Gormless

Desert Island text adventure w/ a developing story

posted 2017-08-02T13:42:47 by Team Gormless

Cathartic little clean up in someone else's life